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Onivart Labs - Case Studies

Asset Trackers

"Cutting-edge tracking solutions across 2G, 4G, NBIOT, BLE, UWB, and more."

UWB radar
Medical Devices

Onivart Labs excels in developing advanced medical devices using state-of-the-art sensors from Maxim Integrated, Sensirion, Bosch, AMS Osram, etc. Merging these technologies with our expertise, we deliver solutions that redefine precision and patient care, setting benchmarks in medical innovation.

Baby vitals monitor

Featuring our radar portfolio: Radar MR60FDA1, Infineon's BGT60LTR11SAIP, and Texas Instruments' IWR6843ISK. Explore the cutting-edge modules shaping the future.

infineon BGT60LTR11SAIP
Consumer Electronics

Onivart Labs is at the forefront of consumer electronics innovation, crafting state-of-the-art products like smart gym equipment, precise air quality monitors, intuitive home automation devices, and efficient BLDC motor drivers. Merging technology with daily life, we enhance experiences and bring modern conveniences to homes and lifestyles.

Airquality monitor
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