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Embedded Software

Embedded Software Solutions

Embedded software development is at the heart of Onivart Labs' offerings. Our adept engineers collaborate with both open-source and proprietary operating systems, crafting software solutions across the spectrum—from firmware and Linux Kernel integrations to user-centric applications and intuitive UX/UI designs.

Whether you have pre-existing embedded hardware or are in the ideation phase, our team is equipped to design system and application software tailored to your needs. We stand by you throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring your electronic devices and embedded systems achieve their full potential.

Target Markets

At Onivart Labs, we understand the diverse needs of various industries. Our embedded software solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to specific market demands, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

  1. Agriculture

  2. Logistics

  3. Industrial Automation

  4. Healthcare

  5. Home Automation

Our goal is to create end-to-end embedded solutions that will meet your requirements and integrate them into your business process.​

Software levels and solutions for Linux Embedded and other OS


Expertise in platform configuration, optimization, and low-level programming.

Service Software

Development of hardware testing systems and secure software update modules.

Operating Systems

Integration of system interfaces, protocol stacks, device drivers, and hardware-dependent code.

Server Software

Comprehensive software module development, third-party software integration, and cross-platform application creation.

Consolidation of components, optimization for specific solutions, and development of bootable live-storage units.

Creation of cohesive systems with set parameters, infrastructure management, and user-friendly web interfaces.

Our software development services span from the boot loader to server software, ensuring robust, user-friendly systems. With vast experience across industries, we adhere to the highest standards, employing specialized software testing methodologies.

Embedded Processor

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