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Onivart Labs: Bridging Innovation Across Key Industries

Telecommunications Mastery

At Onivart Labs, we're at the forefront of telecommunications solutions, developing comprehensive software for network equipment and customizing telecom devices. Our expertise spans high-speed data processing tools, end-user devices, Ethernet switches, and industrial network tools, ensuring seamless connectivity and robust performance.

IoT (Internet of Things) Expertise

Onivart Labs has carved a niche in IoT product development, partnering with startups, government bodies, and global enterprises. Our comprehensive IoT services include:

  • IoT Enclosure Design: Crafting designs compliant with IP65, IP67, and CE standards.

  • Prototyping & Production: From initial prototypes to batch production.

  • Complete IoT Solutions: Incorporating electronic component sourcing, PCB design & and fabrication, and firmware/software design.

Support for Hardware Startups

We're dedicated to propelling hardware startups to success. Our holistic approach covers ideation, design research, hardware design, prototyping, and production of diverse materials. Our seasoned team ensures startups navigate the development process with ease and precision.

Robotics & Automation

Onivart Labs is a beacon in robotics and industrial automation. We optimize designs for peak robotic performance, integrate components for enhanced functionality, and provide expert consultation on assembly and programming. Our solutions are tailored for Industry 4.0, power engineering, and motor control, driving efficiency and innovation.

Product Innovation & Development

Onivart Labs stands as a beacon of product innovation, catering to research, design, and manufacturing needs across industries. We streamline product development cycles, ensuring a swift and efficient market launch. Our collaborations span from startups to large enterprises, offering tailored solutions for every business need.

Hadware Development

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