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Onivart Labs PCB design

Electronics Design Services

At Onivart Labs, we transform visionary ideas into tangible, technology-driven products tailored for the global market. Our expertise spans a spectrum of services, ensuring a holistic approach to product development.

Our core strength lies in turnkey electronic product design, leveraging cutting-edge microprocessors and operating systems like Linux and Android. We craft devices of varying complexities, always adhering to DFM (Design for Manufacturability) principles to guarantee a smooth transition to mass production.

Turnkey product development includes:

Consulting: product concept, statement of work
Hardware and software development
Design of a custom-made enclosure
Manufacture of samples
Testing, simulation, analysis
Preparation for certification
Launch of mass production

Electronic product design process

Product concept

At Onivart Labs, we meticulously craft a coherent product concept tailored for the dynamic electronics market. By synergizing technical development capabilities, user-centric needs, projected manufacturing expenses, and market nuances, we sculpt a minimum viable product (MVP). This process culminates in a comprehensive set of specifications, paving the way for the evolution of a fully operational device or software solution.

Why Choose Onivart Labs?

Transparent Roadmaps

We offer clear timelines and budgets, ensuring your project's success and swift market entry.

Profound Expertise

Our portfolio boasts numerous successful projects across varied market segments, backed by streamlined processes and consistent feedback mechanisms.

Adaptable Collaboration Models

We offer flexible engagement models, aligned with your business objectives and capabilities.

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