Our Mission

A platform for IoT R&D to help entrepreneurs reach the market faster and interact with their customers in a whole new way. We want to give entrepreneurs an uncanny ability to accelerate their product to market timeline at fraction of the cost.

Our Story

In a pursuit to develop consumer electronic products for our ideas, we realized that it is really tough to find the right company which can cater to all our requirements such as product design, hardware design, firmware development, app development, packaging design, etc under the same roof. As IoT is an emerging field in the Indian market, we decided to hop on the wave by starting Onivart Design Studio to help fellow entrepreneurs and innovators to make their ideas come to life at the right price and timeline.  

Onivart was founded in 2021 by two friends Aditya & Akshay. Aditya comes from a diverse background having vast experience in Electronics, Supply chain, and Product management . Akshay has vast experience in Product Design, Manufacturing, Legal, and Information Technology Management. They noticed there was an inherent need for Feasible Embedded System Solutions providers in India. To fill that gap in the market they developed and began developing low-energy, high-performance embedded devices which cater to many verticals with the latest technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in the world.

Since then a decade has passed, the company size of our operation has grown and we have more IoT solutions, products, and development projects.

We are committed to crafting the future of IoT in an impactful way. By 2050, a total of 100 billion connected smart devices are expected. Using the abundance of energy around us, while making the device extremely low power. We build for an improved future.

Experienced Leadership